PIPPY, an Open Source Bionic Dog-Like Robot Powered by Raspberry Pi (Optional)

$109.99 - $192.99


PIPPY, an open source bionic dog-like robot powered by Raspberry Pi (optional)
PIPPY quadruped robot
an open source bionic dog-like robot powered by Raspberry Pi

OpenCV, Python Programming, Visual Identification, Motion Algorithm

Raspberry Pi 4 controller
  • BCM2711B0
    64-bit 1.5GHz Quad-core Processor
  • RAM
    2GB / 4GB / 8GB
  • 4K Dual HDMI
    4K High Resolution Dual Displays
  • Faster Networking
    Gigabit ETH, Bluetooth 5.0, Dual-band WiFi
  • New USB3.0
    2xUSB3.0 + 2xUSB2.0
  • USB-C Power
    Upgraded Power Supply, More Powerful
Note: the Raspberry Pi and MicroSD card are optional.
Bionic dog-like robot

effortless connecting rod structure, motion inverse-solved gait algorithm,
capable of performing sorts of gaits and functionalities

Posture self-balancing

embedded high precision 9-DOF motion sensor ICM20948
(3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscrope, 3-axis magnetometer)
accommodating to different terrains, featuring self-balancing capability, keeping the camera stable

5MP 160° wide angle camera

quality OV5647 sensor

Video Monitoring
High definition, low latency, real time video monitoring through the camera

Vision-based Line Following
After OpenCV image binarization process, getting the stray value by comparing the positions of image center line, which will be then used to control the movement of the robot, make it keep following the line.

Motion Detection
Capturing moving objects in the video by detecting the video images from the camera

Color Recognition & Tracking
Auto tracking specified color in the video image, allows different colors
Ultrasonic sensing

outfitted with Ultrasonic module for detecting and responsing to objects

Multiple control methods

video postback, WiFi remote control

Highly integrated base board


  • Li-ion and Li-po batteries are quite unstable. They may cause fire, personal injury, or property damage, if they're not properly recharged or used.
  • Do not reversely connect the polarities when recharging or discharging the battery. Do not use inferior charger/charging panel to recharge the battery.
  • Do not mix use old batteries with new ones, avoid using batteries of different brands.
  • When buying Lithium battery, should always make sure the battery specification is compatible with the expansion board. Choose batteries from formal manufacturer, and ensure the batteries will work stably and safely by aging test.
  • Lithium batteries have limited cycle life, they will also deteriorate as time goes by. Should be replaced with new ones when the batteries reaching their max cycle life, or working over two years, whichever comes first.
  • Should be placed carefully and properly, keep it away from inflammables and explosives articles, away from children, avoid any safety accident caused by careless storage.
Controller Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (optional)
OS Raspberry Pi OS (Raspbian)
Language Python
Camera 5MP HD resolution, 160° FOV wide angle camera
Display 0.91" OLED, 128×32 pixels
WiFi mode AP mode (self-generated hotspot) / STA mode (connecting to a router)
Protection over charge/discharge protection, over current protection, short circuit protection, reverse proof
Power supply 8.4V, 2x 18650 battery in series, allows discharging while recharging (batteries NOT included)
Servo micro metal gear servo
Material aluminum alloy
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Quick Overview

  • The 18650 batteries are NOT included
  • Please note that the battery length SHOULD be less than 67mm, some batteries with protection plate in the market are NOT supported, learn more
  2. OPTIONS Micro SD Card 16GB
  3. PIPPY metal box
  4. PIPPY base board
  5. RPi Camera (G)
  6. Acrylic camera spacer
  7. Ultrasonic module
  8. 4PIN jumper wire
  9. Mini cross wrench sleeve
  10. Micro SD card reader
  11. Micro metal gear servo x10
  12. Power adapter EU head
  13. 8.4V battery charger
  14. Screwdriver x2
  15. Screws and standoffs

Part list change log:

  • [2021-05-07] the 8x servo have been upgraded to 10x metal gear servo