SX1262 LoRa Node Module for Raspberry Pi Pico, LoRaWAN, EU868 Band

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Part Number: Pico-LoRa-SX1262-868M
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SX1262 LoRa node module for Raspberry Pi Pico, LoRaWAN protocol support, EU868 band
SX1262 LoRa node module for Pico

LoRaWAN protocol support, EU868 band

Features at a glance

The Pico-LoRa-SX1262-868M is LoRa node expansion module designed for Raspberry Pi Pico based on SX1262, which supports LoRaWAN protocol and EU868 band. It is allowed to connect the TTN, TTS servers through a LoRa gateway to use LoRa Cloud service fast and easily.

  • Standard Raspberry Pi Pico header, supports Raspberry Pi Pico series boards
  • Supports LoRaWAN protocol and EU868 band
  • PH1.25 battery and recharge controller, allows connecting rechargeable Lithium battery
  • 2x LED indicators for monitoring module operating status
  • Comes with development resources and manual (example in C)
Frequency range EU868 (863~870MHz)
Modulation LoRa/(G)FSK
Emit power >[email protected]
Operating voltage 3.3V
Module power consumption emitting current: [email protected]
receiving current: [email protected]
Communication bus SPI
Operating temperature -40 ~ 85℃
Dimensions 21.00 × 52.00mm
Raspberry Pi Pico header compatibility

onboard female pin header for direct attaching to Raspberry Pi Pico

Raspberry Pi Pico is NOT included.
What's on board
  1. Raspberry Pi Pico header
  2. Status indicators
    PWR: power indicator
    CHG: recharge indicator
  3. RF switch control
    A: controlled by high level (default)
    B: controlled by GPIO22
  1. MCP73831 recharge IC
  2. SX1262 module
  3. IPEX 1 antenna connector
  4. Power switch
  5. PH1.25 battery header
Pinout definition
Outline dimensions
Resources & Services

Weight: 0.033 kg

Quick Overview

  1. Pico-LoRa-SX1262-868M x1
  2. 3.7V 600mAh Li-po battery x1
  3. Antenna 2DB 868mhz x1
  4. IPEX1 to SMA wire x1