3.5inch Display Aluminum Alloy Case for Raspberry Pi 4

SKU: 21670
Part Number: PI4-CASE-LCD-3.5


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Aluminum alloy Case for Raspberry Pi 4, compatible with 3.5inch display
3.5inch display Aluminum Case for Pi 4

Designed for Raspberry Pi 4B, Compatible with Waveshare 3.5inch RPI LCD

* for reference only, the Raspberry Pi and 3.5inch display are NOT included.
Compatible with Waveshare 3.5inch display

Compatible displays: 3.5inch RPi LCD (A), 3.5inch RPi LCD (B), 3.5inch RPi LCD (C)

Aluminum alloy case
Comes with heatsinks for better cooling
Precise Opening Design

Reversed GPIO slot and openings for sorts of connectors
as well as dedicated vent for heat dissipation

How to install

1. Attach heatsinks to the Pi, then put it on the bottom case, and fix it with screws and standoffs

2. Attach the Waveshare 3.5inch display via the Raspberry Pi GPIO header

3. Put on the top lid, make sure the Raspberry Pi connectors and screw holes are aligned

4. Fix the remaining screws

Outline dimensions

Weight: 0.125 kg

Quick Overview

  1. Case parts
  2. Screws pack
  3. Heatsinks 3PCS
  4. Screwdriver