Aluminum Grid Grooved Case for Raspberry Pi 4, Inner Heatsink Pillars

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Part Number: PI4-CASE-H



Aluminum grid grooved Case for Raspberry Pi 4, inner heatsink pillars
Aluminum grid grooved Case for Pi 4

Grid grooved lid with inner heatsink pillars, fast passive cooling

Grid grooved top lid

enlarging the heat dissipation area, fast passive cooling

Inner heatsink pillars

uni-body heatsink pillars design for conducting heat to the whole body

for reference only, Raspberry Pi 4 is NOT included.
Precise Opening Design

Reversed GPIO slot and openings for sorts of connectors
the Raspberry Pi WiFi and Bluetooth are still available, less signal fading

Outline dimensions
How to install

Weight: 0.15 kg

Quick Overview

  1. Case parts
  2. Thermal tapes 4PCS
  3. L-form hex socket spanner
  4. Screws pack