1U Rack Kit for Raspberry Pi 4, 19″ Rackmount, up to 4 Units

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Part Number: PI4-1U-RACK-KIT




1U Rack Kit for Raspberry Pi 4, 19″ rackmount, up to 4 units
1U Rack Kit for Raspberry Pi 4

Standard 19″ Rackmount

specifically designed to house Raspberry Pi 4B board, supports up to 4 units
optimizing your workspace, used for Raspberry Pi clusters, video walls, and more...

Standard 1U Size

19″ x 1.75″ (482x44mm), fully compatible with 19″ server racks,
had no issue plugging this into the 1U rack space

Easy to install

4 slots for Raspberry Pi 4B, fixed with included screw;
the rack can be vertical fixed on the mounting rail (the rack mount screw is included)

How to install
Outline dimensions

Weight: 0.584 kg

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  1. PI4-1U-RACK-KIT