Maix Bit AIoT Developer Kit, Dual Row Pinheader, Small Form Factor

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Maix Bit AIoT Developer Kit, Dual Row Pinheader, Small Form Factor


The Maix Bit AIoT Developer Kit is specialized in AI-IoT applications. It is designed in small form factor, features dual row pinheader for easily connecting with breadboard, can be helpful for you to fast get started with AI-IoT and edge computing related technologies.

On the hardware aspect, Maix Bit integrates K210 AI chip, the RISC-V dual-core 64-bit CPU, together with 128Mbit Flash, MEMS microphone, and RGB LED, etc. The kit also comes with useful peripherals such as ESP32 module, LCD, and camera.

On the software aspect, it supports different ways of development in Micropython, Arduino, and official SDK. It is easy to take advantage of the provided SDK and AI algorithms for facial detection, object recognition, color identification, and so on.


  • Dual row pinheader for connecting with breadboard, ideal for DIY, small form factor
  • Adopts K210 AI chip, RISC-V dual-core 64-bit CPU, plus 128Mbit high-speed Flash
  • Comes with ESP32 module, supports WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2
  • CH552 USB to UART converter, easy programming/debugging through a USB Type-C cable
  • Omnidirectional I2S digital output MEMS microphone
  • Onboard RGB LED, colorful lighting
  • Extension connectors for camera, LCD, and other peripherals
  • Auto-eject TF card slot for storing data like images
  • Compatible with development environments like MaixPy IDE, Arduino IDE, PlatformIO IDE, etc.
  • Supports AI frameworks and algorithms like Tiny-Yolo, Mobilenet, TensorFlow Lite, etc.
  • Comes with development resources and manual (software SDK and tutorials)


  • Processor:
    • Kendryte K210 AI chip
    • RISC-V dual-core 64-bit CPU, with FPU, 400MHz frequency (up to 800MHz by overclocking)
    • QVGA @ 60FPS / VGA @ 30FPS image recognition
  • ESP32 module:
    • Connected via TF card slot
    • Supports 2.4G 802.11.b/g/n, data rate up to 150 Mbps
    • Bluetooth v4.2 full standard, including traditional Bluetooth (BR / EDR) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • LCD display: 24P 0.5mm FPC connector, comes with 2.4inch TFT display
  • DVP camera: 24P 0.5mm FPC connector, comes with OV2640 camera
  • Audio input:
    • MEMS microphone, omnidirectional, I2S input/output
  • Extension interface: dual row male pinheader, directly pluggable into breadboard
  • Buttons: RST and BOOT
  • Power input: USB Type-C, 5V
  • Dimensions: 53.3mm × 25.4mm


  • Robotic vision, image processing
  • Educational robots, toy robots
  • Smart home, intelligent agriculture

What's on Board

Maix Bit AIoT Developer Kit on board resource

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Quick Overview

  1. Maix Bit main unit x1
  2. Bit WIFI (ESP32) x1
  3. OV2640 camera x1
  4. 2.4inch TFT display x1
  5. Screwdriver x1
  6. Screws pack x1