Maix Binocular Camera, Dual OV2640, 2MP Pixels

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Binocular Camera Module, Dual OV2640, 2MP Pixels, Compatible with Maix AIoT series


The Maix Binocular Camera module features dual OV2640 camera onboard, 2MP pixels, 60mm binocular distance, compatible with Maix AIoT series development boards. It is suitable for AI vision applications like depth vision and stereo vision.


  • CMOS (OV2640):
    • Pixels: 1600x1200 (UXGA)
    • Format (8 bit):
      • YUV
      • RGB565/555
      • 8bit compressd data
      • 8-/10-bit Raw RGB data
  • Low latency circuit switching (BL1551):
    • Max bandwidth: 300Mhz
    • High Off-Isolation: 84dB at 1Mhz 51dB at 10Mhz
    • On-Resistance: 2.7Ω at 5.0V
    • Latency: ton = 12.0ns; toff = 5.0ns
    • TTL/CMOS compatible
    • Break-Before-Make Switching
    • Rail-to-Rail Signal Range
  • Binocular distance: 60mm (near human eyes distance)
  • Power supply voltage: 3.3V/1.8V
  • Power supply current: >100mA
  • Temperature rise: <30K
  • Operating temperature: 0℃ ~ 50℃
  • Dimensions: 88mm × 44mm


  • Depth vision
  • Stereo vision


Maix Binocular Camera application example

Note: for reference only, Maix Go in the photo is NOT included.


Maix Binocular Camera dimensions

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