M.2 NGFF SATA to 5-Ch SATA3 Expander, JMB575 control chip

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Part Number: M2-SATA-5P
Brand: Waveshare


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M.2 NGFF SATA to 5-Ch SATA3 Expander, JMB575 control chip
M.2 NGFF SATA to 5-Ch SATA3 Expander
Supported Hard Drives HDD and Solid State Drive with SATA protocol compatible
Transfer interface SATA female port × 5, M.2 B-key SATA male port × 1
Transfer speed SATA3: 6Gbps
Operating system Windows / Linux
Dimensions 80.0 × 22.0mm

JMB575 control chip

Adopts JMB575 control chip with high-speed transmission and stable performance,
meeting the needs of the application which required large data space

Onboard cooling design

Onboard Working Status Indicators
Driver-free For the PC which Support
SATA PM Function

Please confirm whether your device supports the PM function before purchasing

Application Example
for reference only, PCIe-SATA-M2-2P-A is NOT included.
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M2-SATA-5P x1