ESP32-S3 2.8inch Capacitive Touch Display Development Board, 240×320, IPS, 5-point Touch, 32-bit LX7 Dual-core Processor, Supports WiFi & Bluetooth, ESP32 With Display

SKU: 27690
Part Number: ESP32-S3-Touch-LCD-2.8
Brand: Waveshare


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ESP32-S3 2.8inch Capacitive Touch Display Development Board, 240×320, IPS, 5-point Touch, 32-bit LX7 Dual-core Processor, Up to 240MHz Frequency, Supports WiFi & Bluetooth, With Onboard Antenna, ESP32 With Display

Integrates SPI interface display and 5-point capacitive touch, multiple peripheral interfaces

ESP32-S3 Touch LCD 2.8, front view and features

ESP32-S3-Touch-LCD-2.8 is a microcontroller development board with 2.4GHz WiFi and Bluetooth BLE 5 support, integrates high-capacity Flash and PSRAM. Onboard 2.8inch capacitive touch screen can smoothly run GUI programs such as LVGL. Combined with various peripheral interfaces, suitable for the quick development of the HMI and other ESP32-S3 applications.

  • Equipped with high-performance Xtensa 32-bit LX7 dual-core processor, up to 240MHz main frequency
  • Supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) and Bluetooth 5 (LE), with onboard antenna
  • Built-in 512KB SRAM and 384KB ROM, with onboard 16MB Flash and 8MB PSRAM
  • Onboard 2.8inch capacitive touch display, 240×320 resolution, 262K color
  • Supports capacitive touch control via I2C interface, 5-point touch with interrupt support
  • Adapting UART, I2C and some IO interfaces, integrates full-speed USB port
  • Onboard speaker, QMI8658 6-axis sensor, RTC sensor, TF card slot and battery recharge management module, etc.
  • Supports accurate control such as flexible clock and multiple power modes to realize low power consumption in different scenarios

Application Scenarios
ESP32-S3 Touch LCD 2.8, application scenarios

IPS Display Panel

Excellent display performance, 262K color, wide viewing angle

ESP32-S3 Touch LCD 2.8, IPS display panel

Capacitive 5-point touch

supports touch function with I2C interface, 5-point touch for flexible operation and smooth multi-point UI interaction

ESP32-S3 Touch LCD 2.8, capacitive 5-point touch

Supports multiple peripherals

Supports the expansion of multiple peripherals via GPIO, UART and I2C interfaces, etc.

ESP32-S3 Touch LCD 2.8, supports multiple peripherals

Application Example

ESP32-S3 Touch LCD 2.8, application example

* the Lithium battery is NOT Included, please refer to the Package Content for the detailed part list

What's On Board
ESP32-S3 Touch LCD 2.8, what's on board
  1. ESP32-S3R8
    dual-core processor, up to 240MHz operating frequency
  2. 16MB Flash
  3. QST attitude sensor
    QMI8658C (6-axis IMU includes a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer)
  4. RTC chip
    PCF85063 RTC chip
  5. PCM5101 audio decoder
  6. Amplifier chip
  7. Volume adjustment knob
  8. Battery recharge manager
  9. ME6217C33M5G
    Low dropout regulator, 800mA output (Max.)
  10. Onboard ceramic antenna
  11. IPEX1 connector and switching resistor
    Switching to use external antenna via resoldering the resistor
  12. TF card slot
    Supports TF card up to 16GB
  13. Battery power supply control button
    Relevant driver program is required
  1. RESET button
  2. BOOT button
  3. USB Type-C port
  4. 13PIN multi-functional pin header
  5. I2C header
    connecting with internal chip, only supports the I2C peripherals and cannot be mapped to other functions
  6. UART header
  7. MX1.25 battery header
    MX1.25 2PIN connector, for 3.7V Lithium battery, supports charging and discharging
  8. RTC battery header
    for connecting rechargeable RTC battery
  9. Speaker header
    Comes with 8Ω 2W 2030 speaker
  10. Power indicator
  11. Charge indicator
    Lithium battery charge indicator, lights up when charging, off when fully charged (the light status is uncertain when the battery is not connected)

outline dimensions
ESP32-S3 Touch LCD 2.8, outline dimensions

Weight: 0.05 kg

Quick Overview

  1. ESP32-S3-Touch-LCD-2.8 x1
  2. SH1.0 12PIN cable ~100mm ×1
  3. SH1.0 4PIN cable ~100mm (2pcs) ×1
  4. 2030 speaker ×1