10.3inch E-paper Monitor, HDMI Display Interface, Eye Care

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Part Number: EINK-DISP-103
Brand: Waveshare

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10.3inch E-paper Monitor, HDMI Display Interface, Eye Care, Supports Raspberry Pi/Jetson Nano/PC

  • Size10.3"
  • Resolution1872×1404(226DPI)
  • Display PortHDMI
  • Display PanelE-paper
  • Viewing Angle>170°
  • Display AdvantageEye Care, No Blue Light
  • ExperiencePaper-like
  • EnvironmentAmbient Light Required
  • Display TypePassively Reflective
  • Display AdjustmentMode/Contrast
  • Device SupportPi/Jetson/PC
  • EnclosureAluminum Alloy CNC
  • Panel FeatureFlexible
  • Limited by display principle, E-paper monitor has lower refresh rate (about 15Hz on mode A2), it only suits office/study applications such as coding, document editing, spreadsheet making, webpage browsing, etc.
  • For scenes where high refresh rate is required, say, entertainment or gaming, please choose other normal LCD monitors.
  • E-paper monitor reflects ambient light for displaying, without emitting light actively, producing no blue light. It is an ideal choice for people who have to use computer for quite a long time, and are troubled by dry eyes or eyestrain.
  • VGA is not available (there may be flickering or distortion caused by the VGA analog signal)
  • If your computer has no HDMI port, please feel free to contact us with a picture of the computer connector panel, so that we can recommend a proper adapter.
Device & System Support

Raspberry Pi
Supports Raspbian / Ubuntu / Kali

Supports all versions of Raspberry Pi

Jetson Nano
Supports Ubuntu
Supports Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7
Connection Examples

Working with Raspberry Pi (take Pi 4 as example)

Working with AI Computer Jetson Nano

Working with Computer

Advantages of EINK

E-paper monitor utilizes microcapsule electrophoretic technology for displaying, the principle is: charged particles suspended in clear fluid will move to sides of microcapsule when electric field is applied, making the microcapsule become visible by reflecting ambient light, just as traditional printed paper.
E-paper monitor will clearly display images/texts under lamplight or natural light, requires no backlight, and features nearly up to 180° viewing angle. It is usually used as e-reader due to its paper-like effect.

Quick response, low latency

Refresh technology based on FPGA, quick response, low latency

Multi mode support

Three available modes: GC16, A2, and A2+, selected via Mode button

Contrast and refresh rate adjustment

Supports up to 10 contrast options, and 5 refresh rate options
Combined with different mode, it is possible to tune your best own effect

Refresh rate of 5 has the fastest effect (up to 15fps), the lower refresh rate, the darker display effect, vice versa.
For better experience, it is recommended to use rate of 5 for video, and 1-3 for documents.
Smartphone desktop mode support

Huawei (EMUI) and Samsung (DEX) smartphone desktop mode full screen display

Introduction and Dimensions
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Selection guide
PartnumberColorsGrayscalePixelsDPIDimensions (mm)Features
7.8inch HDMI e-Paper black/white 16 1872×1404 300 158.184×118.638 -
9.7inch HDMI e-Paper black/white 16 1200×825 150 202.8×139.425 -
10.3inch HDMI e-Paper black/white 16 1872×1404 227 209.66×157.25 -
EINK-DISP-103 black/white 16 1872×1404 227 238.0×187.0×8.9 with case
13.3inch HDMI e-Paper black/white 16 1600×1200 150 270.4×202.8 -

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