D500 Developer Kit, DTOF Laser Ranging Sensor, 360° Omni-Directional Lidar, UART Bus

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D500 Developer Kit, DTOF Laser Ranging Sensor, 360° Omni-Directional Lidar, UART Bus
D500 Developer Kit

DTOF Laser Lidar

Ranging Distance 0.03 ~ 12.00m
Ranging Average Accuracy ±10 mm (within 0.3 ~ 0.5m)
±20mm (within 0.5 ~ 2m)
±30mm (within 2 ~ 12m)
Scanning Frequency 6 ~ 13Hz (Typ 10Hz)
Scanning Angle 360°
Ranging Frequency 5000Hz
Wavelength 895 ~ 915 nm (Typ 905)
Communication Interface UART @230400
Ambient Light Tolerance 60KLux
Power Supply 5V
Power Consumption 1.45W
Operating Current 290mA
Weight 45g
Operating Temperature -10 ~ 45°C
Lifetime 10000+ hours
(L × W × H)
54.00 × 46.29 × 35.00mm

DTOF (Direct Time of Fight) Ranging Technology

Adopting DTOF (Direct Time of Fight) ranging technology, measuring distance according to the time-of-flight of the laser pulse, within the effective detection distance of 12m, the radar ranging accuracy will not change with the distance, and can reach the measurement accuracy of ±30 mm. With efficient algorithm logic to achieve 360 degrees detection of robot, autonomous mapping, and obstacle detection...

Long Lasting Lifetime

Brushless motor, quiet without Friction, the lifetime can reach 10000+ hours

360° Omni-Directional Laser Scanning

Rotates clockwise in the ranging core to achieve 360-degree scanning and ranging of the surrounding environment, thus obtaining the contour map of the surrounding environment and the point cloud information of the location of obstacles

12m Ranging Radius

 Ensuring the large-area cruising and mapping capabilities of robots

Anti-strong light interference

Rigorous optical design and powerful chip can effectively avoid strong light interference, and can resist the strong light environment of 60000Lux, which can achieve indoors and outdoors high-frequency and high-precision distance measurement and accurate mapping

Exquisite, Compact, Stylish Appearance

It adopts a compact structure design, stylish appearance, smaller size, lower power consumption, and can be embedded inside the robot to reduce its size and improve its passability

Laser Safety FDA Class 1

To ensure the safety for humans and pets, a low power infrared laser emitter is used as the light source and is driven by modulated pulses, the laser completes the emitting action in a very short period of time, complying with the FDA Class 1 human eye safety rating

Application examples
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* for reference only, the Raspberry Pi 4B is NOT included.

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Product Selection
RANGING DISTANCE 0.15 ~ 12.00 m 0.03~12.00m 0.15 ~ 8.00 m 0.03~25.00 m
RANGING ACCURACY 1% of actual distance (≤3 m)
2% of actual distance (3~5 m)
2.5% of actual distance (5~12 m)
±10 mm (0.3 ~ 0.5m)
±20mm (0.5 ~ 2m)
±30mm (2 ~ 12m)
White target:
±5mm (0.1~0.5m)
±10mm (0.5~1m)
±1.0% of actual distance (1~6 m)
±1.5% of actual distance (6~8 m)
±15mm (0.03~2m)
±20mm (2~8m)
±30mm (>8m)
Black target:
±7mm (0.1~0.5m)
±12mm (0.5~1m)
±1.2% of actual distance (1~4 m)
±1.5% of actual distance (4~6 m)
NA (6~8m)
SCANNING FREQUENCY 5.5 Hz 6~13Hz (Typ 10) 6Hz by default, 2 ~ 8 Hz externally controllable 10 Hz
SCANNING ANGLE 360° 360° 360° 360°
RANGING FREQUENCY 8000 Hz 5000 Hz 4000Hz 21600Hz
RESOLUTION ≤ 1% of actual distance (≤12 m)
≤ 2% of actual distance (within 12~16 m)
15 mm ≈ 17 mm 15~30 mm
WAVELENGTH 785 nm 895 ~ 915 nm (Typ 905) 775 ~ 800 nm (Typ 793) 895 ~ 915 nm (Typ 905)
POWER SUPPLY 5 V 5 V DC 5V±10% 4.5~5V
POWER CONSUMPTION 0.5 W 1.45W ≈ 1.5 W 1.45W
OPERATING CURRENT 100 mA 290mA ≤300mA 290mA
WEIGHT 248g 45g 101g 46.1g
OPERATING TEMPERATURE 0°C ~ 40°C -10 ~ 45°C -10°C ~ 50°C -10°C ~ 50°C
DIMENSIONS(L × W × H) 96.8 × 70.3 × 55.0mm 54.00×46.29×35.00 96.3 × 59.8 × 38.80mm 54.00 × 46.29 × 34.80mm

Weight: 0.159 kg

Quick Overview

  1. D500 LiDAR Kit x1
  2. Adapter x1
  3. USB Type A to Micro USB cable ~20cm x1
  4. 4pin cable ~100mm x1