Dual Gigabit Ethernet Mini-Computer Based on Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (NOT Included), Metal Case, with Cooling Fan

* Power Plug

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Dual Gigabit Ethernet Mini-computer based on Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (NOT included), metal case, with cooling fan
Dual Gigabit ETH computer based on CM4

Designed for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4

Waveshare CM4-DUAL-ETH-BASE inside, fast and easy to build a mini-computer

Waveshare CM4 Dual Gigabit Ethernet Base inside

make it easy to build your own Raspberry Pi CM4 mini PC

for reference only, CM4 and antenna are NOT included.
Comparing the expansion boards
CM4 IO Board
mini Base

Dual Gigabit ETH

PoE Base (B)

PoE Base

Raspberry Pi official
Lite Ver. Full Ver.
PoE N/A integrates 802.3af-compliant PoE circuit (5V/2.5A) PoE header only
USB USB 2.0 × 2
USB 2.0 × 2 (via FFC connector)
USB 3.2 Gen1 × 3 USB 2.0 × 4 USB 3.2 Gen1 × 4 USB 2.0 × 4
(2x via pin header)
GPIO Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO × 1
Header M.2 slot × 1 N/A RS485 × 1
RS232 × 1
PCIe Gen 2 × 1
N/A PCIe Gen 2 × 1
(1x via FFC connector)
supports 4K 30fps output
HDMI × 2
supports 4K 30fps output
DSI Display MIPI DSI × 1
(15pin 1.0mm FPC)
(15pin 1.0mm FPC)
(22pin 0.5mm FPC)
CSI Camera MIPI CSI-2 × 2
(15pin 1.0mm FPC)
MIPI CSI-2 × 2
(22pin 0.5mm FPC)
Power Input 5V 7V~36V 5V 7V~36V 12V
Fan 5V 5V / 12V 12V
no fan control allows speed adjustment and measurement
RTC N/A Real-time clock with battery socket and ability to wake Compute Module 4
RJ45 Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet Dual Gigabit Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet
CM4 Socket suitable for all variants of Compute Module 4
SD Card Slot MicroSD card socket for Compute Module 4 Lite (without eMMC) variants
Dimensions (mm) 85.0 × 56.0 109.0 × 91.5 124.50 × 108.80 160 × 90
Rich interfaces

providing interfaces including: ETH/CSI/DSI/RTC/HDMI/Micro SD/USB

Precise cut-out with clear label

each cut-out is completely aligned with the connector

Cooling fan included

comes with cooling fan, combined with the airflow vent, better heat dissipation

Wall mount support

wall mount holes on two sides, handy for mounting

Application examples

Binocular Vision Raspberry Pi Projects, Or Other Industrial Context

for reference only, display, cameras, and antenna are NOT included.
Outline dimensions
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Quick Overview

  2. Metal case (top and bottom) x1
  3. Fan-4010-PWM-12V x1
  4. Screwdriver x1
  5. Screws pack x1
  6. OPTIONS 12V 2A power adapter x1