Metal Box (A) for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 IO Board, with Cooling Fan

SKU: 19195
Part Number: CM4-IO-BOARD-CASE-A
Brand: Waveshare



Metal Box (A) designed for Raspberry Pi official Compute Module 4 IO Board, comes with cooling fan
Metal Box for CM4 IO Board Type A

Designed for Raspberry Pi official Compute Module 4 IO Board
Mini computer chassis, robust and dust-proof, nice looking

tailored for Compute Module 4 IO Board

make it easy to build your own Raspberry Pi CM4 mini PC

for reference only, CM4, IO board, and antenna are NOT included.
Breakout 40PIN GPIO header

the standard 40PIN GPIO header is still available, make it easy to connect sorts of HATs

for reference only, the external GPIO adapter and NFC HAT are NOT included.
Precise cut-out with clear label

each cut-out is completely aligned with the connector

Cooling fan included

comes with cooling fan, combined with the airflow vent, better heat dissipation

Wall mount support

wall mount holes on two sides, handy for mounting

Application examples

Binocular Vision, PoE Powered Raspberry Pi Projects, Or Other Industrial Context

for reference only, display and cameras are NOT included.
Outline dimensions

Weight: 0.454 kg

Quick Overview

  1. Metal case (top and bottom) x1
  2. 40PIN GPIO adapter x1
  3. Fan-4010-PWM-12V x1
  4. Screwdriver x1
  5. Screws pack x1