Capacitive Fingerprint Reader

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Capacitive Fingerprint Reader, onboard processor STM32F105, commercial fingerprinting algorithm, semiconductor sensor


The Capacitive Fingerprint Reader is a standard fingerprinting module designed for secondary development, allows fast and stable fingerprint verification.

Based on a high-speed digital processor STM32F105R8, combined with high-security commercial fingerprinting algorithm, and advanced semiconductor sensor, the Capacitive Fingerprint Reader becomes a simple but smart integration module, provides functionalities like fingerprint enrolling, image processing, feature finding, template generating and storing, fingerprint matching and searching, etc.


  • Easy to use by some simple commands, you don't have to know any fingerprint technology, or the module inter structure/calculation
  • Commercial fingerprinting algorithm, stable performance, fast verification
  • Sensitive detection, just touch the collecting window lightly, without pressing
  • Allows to freely input/output fingerprint images, fingerprint feature file and other fingerprinting actions
  • Dual communication, UART or USB
  • Processor will enter sleep and wake up when detecting, achieves low power consumption
  • Comes with rich related resources (software on PC, development SDK, tools, and examples for Raspberry/Arduino/STM32)


  • Fingerprint lock
  • Fingerprint safe deposit box
  • Access control system
  • Clock in and out


Parameter Value
Processor (CPU)  STM32F105
Sensor Semiconductor (capacitive)
Module dimension (mm) 45 x 30
Sensor dimension (mm) 33.4 x 20.4
Image DPI 508
Image resolution 192 x 192
Sensing area (mm) 9.6 x 12.8
Fingerprint capacity 3000
Security level 0-9 low to high security, 5 by default
Matching time 1s
False acceptance rate 0.0001%
False rejection rate 0.01%
Dynamic current <60mA
Operating voltage 3.3V-5V
Communication UART or USB
Anti-electrostatic aerial discharge: ± 15KV
contact discharge: ± 8KV


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Selection Guide

Product UART Fingerprint Reader Capacitive Fingerprint Reader UART Fingerprint Sensor (R) UART Fingerprint Sensor (C) UART Fingerprint Sensor (D)
Type Optical fingerprinting module Capacitive fingerprinting module
Pros Low cost, durable, excellent anti-electrostatic   Small form factor, low power consumption
High precision, good detection/verification Small collecting area, high precision, good detection/verification
Cons Large dimension, low precision, interfered by lighting High environmental requirement (temperature, humidity, dust, alkaline air)
Features Rectangle-shaped, separated structure Rectangle-shaped, all-in-one Round-shaped, all-in-one
Fingerprint capacity 4000 3000 500 150
Image pixels 248×296 192×192 160×160
False acceptance rate <0.001% 0.0001% <0.001%
False rejection rate <0.1%  0.01% <0.1% 
Sensor life time 10 years about 200,000 times about 1,000,000 times
Use condition More sensitive for wet fingers More sensitive for dry fingers
Applicable products Used frequently, like access control system Require high precision, like fingerprinting lock
Generally, optical modules are used in low-end products, while capacitive module are suitable for high-end products

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Quick Overview

  1. Capacitive Fingerprint Reader x1
  2. PH2.0 wire 20cm 6Pin x1