USB Audio Codec for Jetson Nano, USB Sound Card, Driver-Free, Plug And Play

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USB audio codec designed for Jetson Nano, USB sound card, driver-free, plug and play
USB audio codec for Jetson Nano

Recording And Playback Support, Built-In Microphone And Speaker Header
demo codes for speech synthesis, speech dictation, speech wake-up, and speech dialog

driver-free, plug and play

Features at a glance
  • USB connector, suits Jetson Nano Developer Kit series, multi systems compatible
  • Incorporates SSS1629 audio chip, using USB bus, driver-free, plug and play
  • 2x quality MEMS si-microphone, dual sound track recording, better sound quality
  • Standard 3.5mm audio jack for connecting earphone
  • Dual channel speaker header for direct driving speakers, with volume adjustment knob
  • Providing demo codes for speech synthesis, speech dictation, speech wake-up, and speech dialog
  • Comes with development resources and user manual
What can it do?

as we know, there's no audio output from the Jetson Nano Developer Kit, and this module is designed to fit the puzzle with capabilities like sound collection, music playback, speech recognition, robot dialog, and so on...

More than a sound card

Incorporate Snowboy hotword detection engine and Google Assistant Service
providing detailed example for speech dialog

Tailored for Jetson Nano

Standard USB2.0 connector, driver-free, plug and play, multi systems compatible

Working with Jetson Nano Developer Kit B01 (left) and Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit (right)

MEMS mic & earphone/speaker connector

onboard quality MEMS si-microphone, 3.5mm audio jack,
and speaker header (comes with 8Ω 5W stereo speaker)

What's on board
  2. SSS1629 audio chip
  3. PAM8403 power amplifier
  4. MEMS si-microphone
  1. Speaker volume adjustment knob
  2. 3.5mm audio jack
  3. USB connector
  4. Speaker header
Outline dimensions
Resources & Services

Weight: 0.26 kg

Quick Overview

  1. Audio Card for Jetson Nano x1
  2. 8Ω 5W speaker x1
  3. Jetson Nano USB Adapter x1
  4. Screws pack x1