SX1302 868M LoRaWAN Gateway Module, EU868 Band

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SX1302 868M LoRaWAN Gateway Module, EU868 band
SX1302 LoRaWAN Gateway Module

SX1302 core, standard Mini-PCIe socket

Features at a glance

The SX1302 868M LoRaWAN Gateway is a LoRa Gateway module which incorporates new-generation SX1302 normal band chip, with LoRaWAN protocol support. It has lots of advantages including long range transmission, concurrent communication, large capacity node, and high receiving sensitivity. Due to its outstanding performance on low power consumption, the heat dissipation design of the Gateway can be simplified, thus reducing material cost, also achieving smaller size.

  • Integrates Semtech SX1302 normal band and SX1250 radio RF frond-end chip, EU868 band
  • Onboard PA and LNA, features 26dBm emit power and -141dBm high sensitivity receiving gain
  • 10x signal channel, supports multiple nodes concurrent communication and FEC (Forward Error Correction) algorithm
  • Supports SF5~SF12 spreading factor, 19Kbps MAX (SF5/BW125KHz) data rate
  • Utilizing SPI communication protocol and standard Mini-PCIe socket, for easy integration into sorts of embedded systems
Power supply 5V
Frequency range EU868 (863-870MHz)
Modulation LoRa/(G)FSK
Emit power > 26dBm@5V
Receiving sensitivity -141dBm@125KHz/SF12
Overall power consumption emitting: 652mA@5V
receiving: 38mA@5V
sleep: 6mA@5V
Communication bus SPI, I2C
External connector Mini-PCIe
Operating temperature -40~85℃
Dimensions 50.95 x 30mm
Performance-upgraded SX1302 chip

lower power consumption, fast data rate, longer distance

Multiple channels smooth communication

a better solution for concurrent high throughput situation

FEC Forward Error Correction algorithm

the new generation LoRa spread spectrum technology,
higher anti-interference performance, longer communication distance

Application example
for reference ONLY, Raspberry Pi, Gateway GPS HAT, and GPS antenna are NOT included.
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Quick Overview

  1. SX1302 868M LoRaWAN Gateway x1
  2. IPEX1 to SMA wire x1
  3. Antenna 868M 5dBi x1