EMW3162, Serial WiFi Module, Onboard PCB Antenna

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EMW3162, Serial WiFi Module, Onboard PCB Antenna


EMW3162 is a low power consumption serial WiFi module, with onboard antenna and shield case. it comes with serial transparent transmission firmware for easy use.


  • As easy to use as an serial module with the provided serial transparent transmission firmware
  • High stability, hardly goes down
  • Ultra low power consumption, online standby 7mA only


  • Onboard 120MHz MCU STM32F205RG, with 1MB Flash and 128kB SRAM
  • Supports Easy Link (APP provided)
  • Single power supply : 3.3V
  • Typical power consumption
    • When transmitting data in the speed of 20kbps (transmission cycle 100ms) : avg. 24mA
    • Online standby : about 7mA
  • Full functional WiFi connectivity


The serial transparent transmission firmware :

  • Based on the mxchipWNet plus standard library, includes all the functions of standard library, open source
  • Configured via the PC software EMW ToolBox
  • Supports baud rate 9600-921600bps, supports hardware flow control
  • Supports Web remote firmware updating and configuring

Development Resources

  • Serial transparent transmission firmware
  • Configuration tool, User manual
  • EMW3162 DataSheet, software libraries, application notes

Wiki : www.waveshare.com/wiki/EMW3162

Selection Guide

Suit for low flow low flow low flow high flow high flow
AP mode connections 2 2 2 32 32
STA mode connections 5 5 5 32 32
AP+STA mode connections 1 1 1 32 32
Power consumption ultra low ultra low ultra low high high
Interface 2.0mm, 1x10 stamp hole stamp hole 2.0mm, 2x7 2.0mm, 2x7
Antenna external onboard external onboard external
Shield case ×
Dimension (mm) 22 x 13.5 23.1 x 32.8 23.1 x 32.8 25 x 40 25 x 40

Weight: 0.005 kg

Quick Overview

  • EMW3162 × 1

EMW3162 comes with onboard PCB antenna, if more emitting power is required, please choose the EMW3162 (B) which features an external antenna.