7inch Resistive Touch LCD (C) 800x480

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Part Number: 7inch Resistive Touch LCD (C)
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7 inch 800*480 Multicolor Graphic LCD, with resistive touch screen


  • Embedded 10KB Character ROM with Font Size 8x16 Dots and Supporting Character Sets of ISO/IEC 8859-1/2/3/4
  • Block Transfer Engine (BTE) Supports with 2D Function, Compatible with 2D BitBLT Function
  • Embedded Geometric Speed-up Engine
  • Programmable Font Write Cursor
  • 32x32 pixels Graphic Cursor Function
  • Powerful Block Scrolling Function for Vertical or Horizontal Direction
  • Font Enlargement Function X1, X2, X3, X4 for Horizontal/Vertical Direction
  • Font Vertical Rotation Mode Function
  • 256 User-defined Characters with 8x16 dots

Key Parameters

Interface 8080 series interface
LCD Controller RA8875
Touch Panel Type Resistive
Color Depth 256/16K
Backlight LED
Display Size (mm) 154.08 (W) × 85.92 (H)
Dot Pitch (mm) 0.0642 (W) × 0.1790 (H)
Aspect Ratio 8 : 5
Resolution 800 * 480 (Pixel)
Power Supply 3.0V~3.6V
Backlight Current TBD
Operating Temp. (℃) TBD



Interface Definition

1 NC      
2 GND Ground Power GND
3 D0 Data pin Input/Output D0-D15
4 D1
5 D2
6 D3
7 D4
8 D5
9 D6
10 D7
11 D8
12 D9
13 D10
14 D11
15 D12
16 D13
17 D14
18 D15
19 CS LCD chip selection signal Input Low active
20 RS Instruction/Data register selection Input 1 : Instruction register
0 : Data register
21 WR Write operation Input WR = 0, RD = 1
22 RD Read operation Input WR = 1, RD = 0
23 RESET LCD reset Input Low active
24 NC      
25 3V3 Power positive Power 3.3V Input
26 PS Parallel/Serial input signal selection Input 0 : Select parallel 8080
27 NC      
28 T_IN Touch screen interrupt Output Low level while the touch screen detects touching
29 WAIT Waiting signal Output 0 : Busy 
1 : Idle
30 T_IN Capacitive touch screen interrupt Output Not available
31 SDA Capacitive touch screen I2C data Input/Output Not available
32 SCL Capacitive touch screen I2C clock Input Not available
33 3V3 Power positive Power 3.3V Input
34 GND Ground Power GND


Development resources:datasheets, etc.

Wiki: www.waveshare.com/wiki/7inch_Resistive_Touch_LCD_(C)

External Dimension

7inch Resistive Touch LCD external dimension



This item is interface compatible with 3.2inch 320x240 Touch LCD (C).

Selection Guide

PartNumberTouch Panel TypeResolutionLCD Data InterfaceTouch ControllerFor Use With
4.3inch Capacitive Touch LCD Capacitive 800x480 24PIN RGB GT911 MCU with LCD controller
7inch Capacitive Touch LCD (C) Capacitive 800x480 16PIN GT911 MCU without LCD controller
7inch Capacitive Touch LCD (F) Capacitive 1024x600 24PIN RGB GT911 MCU with LCD controller
7inch Capacitive Touch LCD (G) Capacitive 800x480 24PIN RGB GT911 MCU with LCD controller
10.1inch Capacitive Touch LCD (D) Capacitive 1024x600 24PIN RGB/LVDS FT5406 MCU with LCD controller

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Quick Overview

  1. 7inch Resistive Touch LCD (C) x1
  2. 40-pin FFC x1