7.5inch Passive NFC-Powered HD e-Paper, No Battery

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Part Number: 7.5inch NFC-Powered HD e-Paper
Brand: Waveshare
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7.5inch Passive NFC-Powered HD e-Paper, No Battery, Wireless Powering & Data Transfer
7.5" NFC-Powered HD e-Paper

Adopts novel passive NFC technology
No battery required, no more battery life trouble

Wireless NFC-Powered Display Refreshing

Passive NFC solution, No Battery Required, No messy wiring, stable operation

How it works

Wireless Powering & Data Transfer

To Refresh The Display Content, Use A Smart Phone With NFC Function, Or An NFC Reader, Close To The E-Paper, It'll Be Done In A Few Seconds

Refreshing Example

Refreshed by ST25R3911B NFC Board

  • This product requires higher NFC power for refreshing due to its large size, therefore, it is better to use the ST25R3911B NFC Board solution. Recommended evaluation kit: 7.5inch NFC-Powered HD e-Paper Eval Kit.
  • If a smart phone is used for refreshing, please make sure it has enough NFC output power, otherwise it may be not working.
Application examples

Suitable for price Tags, asset/equipment Tags, shelf labels, conference name tags...


Power supply Wireless Grey scale 2
Display color Black / White Refresh time 5s (data transfer time is not included)
Dot pitch 0.205mm × 0.204mm Display size 163.24mm × 97.94mm
Resolution 880×528 Outline dimension 195.84mm × 137.68mm
Viewing angle >170°    
Outline dimensions

Weight: 0.193 kg

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7.5inch NFC-Powered HD e-Paper