7.5inch Passive NFC-Powered e-Paper, No Battery

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7.5inch Passive NFC-Powered e-Paper, No Battery, Wireless Powering & Data Transfer
7.5inch NFC-Powered e-Paper

Adopts novel passive NFC technology
No battery required, no more battery life trouble

Wireless NFC-Powered Display Refreshing

Passive NFC solution, No Battery Required, No messy wiring, stable operation

How it works

To refresh the display content,
use a smart phone with NFC function, or an NFC reader,
close to the e-Paper for both wireless powering and data transfer

Refreshing Example

Refreshed by ST25R3911B NFC Board

This product requires higher NFC power for refreshing due to its large size, therefore, we recommend the ST25R3911B NFC Board + Micro SD Card solution.
If a smart phone is used for refreshing, please make sure it has enough NFC output power, otherwise it may be not working.

Application examples

Suitable for price Tags, asset/equipment Tags, shelf labels, conference name tags...


Power supply Wireless Grey scale 2
Display color Black / White Refresh time 5s (data transfer time is not included)
Dot pitch 0.205×0.204 Display size 163.2mm×97.92mm
Resolution 800×480 Outline dimension 195.84mm×137.68mm
Viewing angle >170°    
Outline dimensions

Development Resources

Wiki: www.waveshare.com/wiki/7.5inch_NFC-Powered_e-Paper

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Weight: 0.193 kg

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7.5inch NFC-Powered e-Paper