10.1inch Capacitive Touch LCD (F), 1024 × 600, Toughened Glass, IPS Panel

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Part Number: 10.1inch Capacitive Touch LCD (F)
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10.1inch Capacitive Touch LCD (F), 1024 × 600, Toughened Glass, IPS Panel
10.1inch Capacitive Touch LCD

Toughened Glass, IPS Panel

Interface RGB
Touch Controller GT7385
Touch Panel Type Capacitive (10-point touch)
Backlight LED
Display Size (mm) 223.00 × 125.28
Dot Pitch (mm) 0.2175 × 0.2088
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Resolution 1024 × 600 (Pixel)
Power Consumption TBD
Backlight Current TBD
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 70℃
Wide Range of Applications

Industrial Control, Charging Pile, Smart Home, Medical, Internet of Things, Robot,
Vehicle-mounted instruments, vending instruments, intelligent CNC, cosmetic instruments

Support 10-point Touch
IPS Panel
Toughened Glass

Up to 6H Hardness, strong protection with better light transmittance

RGB Interface Definition
40 BL_VDD Power supply Power Backlight power supply connect 5V
38 GND Power ground GND
37 VDD Power supply Power supply voltage connect 3.3V
36 R0 Data Input Red data
35 R1
34 R2
33 R3
32 R4
31 R5
30 R6
29 R7
28 G0 Data Input Green data
27 G1
26 G2
25 G3
24 G4
23 G5
22 G6
21 G7
20 B0 Data Input Blue data
19 B1
18 B2
17 B3
16 B4
15 B5
14 B6
13 B7
12 GND Power ground Power GND
11 PCLK LCD clock Input LCD clock signal
10 LCD-BL-EN Backlight control enable Input LCD-BL-EN=0: backlight off
LCD-BL-EN=1: backlight on
9 HSYNC Horizontal sync Input Horizontal sync signal
8 VSYNC Vertical sync Input Vertical sync signal
7 DE Control mode selection Input DE=0: SYNC mode;
DE=1: DE mode
6 LCD-BL-ADJ LCD backlight adjustment Input PWM adjustment backlight signal
5 GND Power ground Power GND
4 CTP-SDA I2C data pin Input/Output I2C data pin, read and write data
3 CTP-SCL I2C clock pin Input I2C clock pin, clock control
2 CTP-RST Reset pin Input Reset input
1 CTP-INT Interrupt pin Output External touch interrupt control pin
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  1. 10.1inch Capacitive Touch LCD (F) × 1
  2. 40-pin FFC × 1